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Andi Woodward's blog entitled "The Junk Drawer"

Junk Drawer


The junk drawer.

We've all got one. A universal place for the random every-other-day things we need in our lives. What makes the junk drawer so beautiful? Anything and everything fits in it.

Pens and Post-Its? Yup.
Packing Tape? Sure.
Lighters? Why not?
Microwave Bulbs? So handy.
Expired Coupons? BB&B Baby.

I love junk drawers because they can be anything they want to be, and that's very much how I've always tried to envision my career path - from learning how to build drawer boxes to learning how to fumigate a boat.

We've all go those random moments of personal triumphs - and you should be proud of them! Having the ability and opportunity to learn new things is such a privilege. I believe the feeling of making or fixing something by yourself is something that everyone should experience at some point in their life. Nothing compares to it.

It's about time I really got back into writing about my junk before old age starts to creep up on me. I'm always up to something, so if you want to try and keep up with me, here's your chance.

Welcome to the Junk Drawer.

Andi Woodward