Filmmaker, Writer & Video Editor in Milwaukee, WI

I'm either making things or thinking about making things.

Live from the stage/my workspace

I am a freelance filmmaker, writer and video editor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I work at a local digital studio called Northern Ground as a full-time content designer. I am also the Co-Founder of Seadog Creative, a best-friend video and creative services team.

When I'm away from work, I enjoy spending early mornings with my dog and planning what my next project will be. I'm a compulsive book buyer, amateur carpenter and an overall restless, curious person that always has a messy desk. I love pullover hoodies, my truck and my wife.

I grow and learn from every brand and creative I work with, and that's what truly makes me happy in this life. I'm just another human, on the road, trying to make the world a little nicer.