I am a freelance filmmaker, editor and designer here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Currently I work at a local digital advertising agency as a full-time editor and creative director, bridging the gap that can often be created between video and design. I graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2013 with a BFA, majoring in Time-Based Media: Video with a minor in Communication Design. 



When I'm away from the office, I enjoy writing, photography and early mornings to myself. I'm a compulsive book buyer, a nature-addict, and I want to adopt every dog I meet. I love to learn about the local breweries in every city I travel to, while on a lifelong search to find the perfect burrito - so far San Francisco is winning. 

I want to grow and learn from every brand and creative I work with. To become greater at my craft in an environment with a team that pushes new ideas and then all goes out for a beer together after work, that's my goal. This is me, on the road.

"Follow your inner moonlight, 
don't hide the madness."

-Allen Ginsberg



PHONE: 262-902-0106
LOCATION: Milwaukee, WI / Wherever my Jeep ends up.

Feel free to contact me at any point in the day, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for stopping by my website, enjoy the work, and check out some photos from some of my favorite adventures below. Cheers!